Best 1/2 Impact Wrench

 best 1/2 impact wrench

While the 3/8-inch impact wrench is great for getting into very tight spots, it’s only designed to be used on bolts that are smaller than 10 mm in diameter. The smaller impact wrenches do not have the power and torque needed to drive anything larger. So when you need something with a little more power, then you need to be looking for the best 1/2 impact wrenches.

Things to consider when looking for the Best 1/2 Impact Wrench

There is nothing more annoying than an old rusted-out bolt. As the years and weather lay siege to the steel, it can become increasingly difficult to remove even the simplest rusted nut or bolt. Sure, you could heat it up with a torch in order to burn out some of that rust, but that won’t always fix the issue. The harder you twist on a rusted bolt, the greater the chance of snapping that bolt and half. But an impact wrench uses a hammering action that breaks loose the rust and removes that bolt or nut with ease.

Brushed vs. Brushless Motor

When it comes to purchasing a cordless impact wrench, the first choice that you need to make is whether you are going to choose a brushed or a brushless motor. For the longest time, the only option was a motor with a brush. These older style electric motors required the replacement of their brushes after only 50 hours of use. However, the newer brushless motors use circuits and sensors to replace the need for a brush. As a result, not only are brushless impact wrenches able to provide more torque, but they are also able to last longer than those with a brush.


You will find that no two impact wrenches are the same, especially when it comes to the RPMs that the wrench is capable of spinning. There are a number of options available on the market that spin more than 3000 RPMs. However, it is important to remember that the higher the RPMs, the greater the torque. And while torque is an important factor when choosing an impact wrench, faster rotations mean less effort for the operator.


A cordless impact wrench is specifically designed to employ two forms of force in order to remove a nut or a bolt. The first force comes in the form of rotational torque. The greater the torque, the greater the twisting action. However, if you twist on a stubborn bolt too hard, you are bound to snap it in half. In order to prevent this, impact wrenches use an impacting force that helps to loosen up any stubborn nut or bolt. And, although there are a number of affordable wrenches available that are capable of producing around 50 ft-lbs. of torque, a good cordless impact wrench should produce anywhere from 125 to 250 ft-lbs. of torque.


Not all impact wrenches are created equal. While torque plays an important role in the proper operation of a cordless impact wrench, the IPM, or impacts per minute, plays an equally important role. When a nut or a bolt is very tight or even rusted, the ability to remove it comes down to how many impacts or beats per minute the wrench has. The faster the IPM, the greater the contact between the socket and the bolt. However, caution should be taken because as the IPM increases, the RPM will decrease. It’s important to make sure that you find a good balance between the impacts per minute and the revolutions per minute.


You can find cordless impact wrenches in a variety of different battery voltages and capacities. The smaller impact wrenches that are available today, are usually powered by a 12V battery. At the other end of the scale, you will find impact wrenches with batteries of 18V or more. While these units will weigh more, they are also able to produce a lot more torque than the 12V units. You will find that the larger battery voltages provide the highest torque ratings.


The voltage of a battery is not the only important factor when choosing a cordless impact wrench. The other factor is the overall capacity of the battery itself. Batteries are rated in what is known as amp-hours, and this rating refers to how many amps the battery can discharge over the course of an hour. Just like a gas tank, the higher the (Ah) rating, the longer the battery can last between charges.


Impact wrenches are without question, some of the loudest tools in any shop. A traditional pneumatic impact wrench can get so loud, that it easily surpassed the 110-dB threshold. A lot of this has to do with the fact that it is powered by air. As such, one of the biggest benefits of a cordless impact wrench is the lower levels of noise produced. While a cordless impact wrench can still exceed the 95-dB level, they are substantially quieter than pneumatic units. But, it is important to remember, that any exposure to sound above 85-dB for extended periods of time can result in hearing loss.


Pneumatic impact wrenches can get pretty heavy simply because they are made almost entirely out of metal. But a cordless impact wrench, on the other hand, is made of a mixture of materials that results in a lighter weight. The biggest factor to take into consideration when it comes to the weight of a cordless impact wrench is the size of the battery. The larger the battery, the heavier the wrench will weigh. As result, it is important to balance the battery’s capacity and weight when making a final decision.


Since cordless impact wrenches are manufactured using a variety of different materials, they are generally a lot more comfortable to use. In fact, many of the more popular cordless wrenches feature a hard plastic housing and a molded rubber grip. Companies that make some of the best half inch cordless impact wrenches, put a lot of effort into the design of the grip.

Adjustable Speed

With a pneumatic impact wrench, most units have a knurled adjustment screw, which allows you to control how much air goes into the motor. However, when cordless impact wrenches first came out on the market, they really didn’t have any way to adjust the speed. Luckily, thanks to the use of brushless motor technology, more and more units are available with variable speed capabilities that allow you to control the speed and the amount of torque simply by adjusting how tightly you pull on the trigger.

Here is our list of Top rated 1/2 in Impact Wrench

Milwaukee M18 Fuel 2767-22

The Milwaukee M18 Fuel is a popular 18V cordless impact wrench with a 1/2-inch square drive. Weighing in at only 5.9 lbs., this Milwaukee impact wrench is one of the lightest on the market. The variable speed wrench has four speed settings and is capable of operating between 0 and 1,750 RPM while providing anywhere from 0 all the way up to 2,100 impacts per minute. All of this equates to a fastening torque of 1,000 ft-lbs., and a powerful nut-busting torque of 1,400 ft-lbs.

DeWalt 20V Max XR DCF894HP2

The DeWalt Max XR is an entry-level 1/2-inch impact wrench that is powered by a 20V battery. This DeWalt impact wrench weighs 8 lbs., which makes it a fairly heavy impact wrench. Unlike other variable speed wrenches, DeWalt has two speed settings which allow it to be operated from 0 all the way up to 2,000 RPM and is also capable of providing up to 3,100 IPM. At the lower end of the spectrum, this impact wrench is only capable of 330 ft-lbs. of torque for both fastening and nut-busting.

Earthquake EQ12XT-20V

Featuring a 20 V battery, the Earthquake EQ12XT is a high-powered 1/2-inch impact wrench. The lightweight Earthquake only weighs 4.3 lbs. The Earthquake impact wrench has a single speed setting which provides variable speeds from 0 to 1,700 RPM, and impacts per minute ranging from 0 to 2,200. The Earthquake is a very powerful impact wrench that is capable of providing 1200 foot-pounds of torque for both fastening and nut-busting.

Ryobi 18V One+ P261K

The Ryobi One+ is a great 1/2-inch impact wrench that features an 18V battery. At only 3.45 lbs., this right is one of the lightest impact wrenches available today. There is only one speed setting available in the Ryobi, which is capable of operating from 0 to 2,900 RPM, with an excellent IPM range from 0 to 3,200. This Ryobi is rather limited, with a maximum torque rating of only 300 ft-lbs., regardless of whether you are using it for nut-busting or fastening.

Porter-Cable PCC740LA

The Porter-Cable is a popular 20V 1/2-inch impact wrench. With many impact wrenches weighing upwards of 8 lbs., the heavy-duty Porter-Cable wrench is very comfortable at only 6 lbs. Although the Porter-Cable impact wrench features a single speed, it is adjustable from 0 to 1,650 RPM and provides impacts of up to 2,500 IPM. With a fasting torque capability of 260 ft-lbs., and a maximum nut-busting torque of 330 ft-lbs., this impact wrench provides the minimum power needed for most backyard mechanics.

Makita 18V lxt xwt08xvz

The Makita LXT features an 18V battery and a 1/2-inch square drive. This Makita impact wrench is a bit on the heavy side, as it weighs 7.9 lbs. The wrench offers three speed settings, which provide a range from 0 all the way up to 1,800 RPM, and an impact range of 0 to 2,200 IPM. As an extremely versatile impact wrench, the Makita is capable of providing 740 foot-pounds of torque for general fastening, and 1,180 foot-pounds of torque for nut-busting.

Ingersoll Rand W7152-K22

The Ingersoll-Rand is a powerful 1/2-inch impact wrench that features a 20V battery. With great weight comes great power, and this Ingersoll-Rand weighs in at 7.6 lbs. The Ingersoll-Rand is a variable speed impact wrench with a single speed setting that is capable of reaching 1900 RPM while providing up to 2,450 IPM. The powerful wrench is capable of providing a nut-busting torque of 1500 ft-lbs., and a continuous fastening torque of 1000 ft-lbs.

Bosch GDS18V-221B25

The Bosch is a versatile 18V impact wrench that has a 1/2-inch drive. As one of the lightest impact wrenches available on the market today, this Bosch only weighs 2.77 lbs. Featuring only a single speed setting, the Bosch is nevertheless able to operate in a range from 0 to 2,400 RPM and can provide a whopping 3,400 IPM. The impact wrench provides one of the widest ranges of torque capabilities, with a general fastening torque of 221 ft-lbs., and a whopping 1,500 ft-lbs. of nut-busting torque.

Ridgid 18V Octane

The Rigid Octane is a popular 18V impact wrench with a 1/2-inch square drive. When both weight and power matter, this 6.3-pound rigid impact wrench is a great choice. Although the rigid only has a single speed setting, it is nevertheless capable of operating from 0 all the way up to 1,850 RPM, while providing anywhere from 0 to 2,300 IPM. All of that equates to a powerful impact wrench that provides 1,100 ft-lbs. of fastening torque, as well as 1,500 ft-lbs. of nut-busting torque

Metabo HPT 36V WR36DE

The Metabo HPT is a high-powered 1/2-inch impact wrench that features a 36V battery. Weighing in at only 5.81 lbs., the Metabo HPT is a mid-level impact wrench. The high-powered Metabo comes complete with four speed settings that allow it to operate from 0 all the way up to 2,400 RPM, and provide an astounding 3,400 impacts per minute. Despite the extra power, this Metabo impact wrench is only capable of 560 ft-lbs. of fastening torque, and a maximum nut-busting torque of 754 ft-lbs.

Craftsman V20 CMCF900M1

The Craftsman is a very popular 20V, 1/2-inch impact wrench. As a common addition to garages all across the country, this Craftsman impact wrench weighs in at 4.6 lbs. The 20 below craftsman has only a single speed setting which is capable of operating from 0 to 1,700 RPM and provides up to 2,500 IPM. All in all, the craftsman is only capable of providing 350 foot-pounds of torque regardless of whether you need it for nut-busting or fastening.

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