Is Craftsman a Good Brand or Just Hype? An Unbiased Review

is craftsman a good brand?

Craftsman is a reputable brand, celebrated for its diverse product range, quality tools, and robust warranties. Under the ownership of Stanley Black & Decker, it continues to be a reliable choice for many, maintaining its reputation for excellence.

Today, we’re going to dive deep into the world of power tools and take a close look at a brand that’s been around for nearly a century – Craftsman. We’ll be exploring everything from the brand’s history and reputation to the quality and performance of their tools. So, whether you’re a seasoned pro or a newbie just starting your DIY journey, stick around as we answer the burning question: “Is Craftsman a good brand?”

Is Craftsman a Good Brand? Exploring Its Legacy

Since its inception in 1927, Craftsman has been a beacon of quality and reliability in the world of tools. The brand’s journey began with a commitment to durability and excellence, a promise that remains at the heart of its operations today. A mere two years after its founding, Craftsman launched its robust electric drills, renowned for their sturdy build and user-friendly design. This marked the start of an era of innovation and growth that has since cemented Craftsman’s status as a go-to name in the realm of power tools.

However, the Craftsman narrative extends beyond the tools they manufacture. It’s also about the pride they instill. Their motto, “We Build Pride.™”, is a testament to their unwavering dedication to superior craftsmanship. This commitment is further underscored by the fact that Craftsman tools are proudly made in the USA, utilizing global materials.

Craftsman operates manufacturing facilities in various American states, including Fort Mill, South Carolina, the birthplace of their V20* Power Tools. This extensive network of factories not only highlights the brand’s commitment to upholding high production standards but also their dedication to bolstering local economies and employment.

Craftsman’s American Heritage

Craftsman’s American legacy is a crucial facet of its identity. The brand cherishes its American roots and continues to contribute to the nation’s manufacturing sector. This commitment to local production means that when you purchase a Craftsman tool, you’re not just acquiring a tool; you’re supporting American jobs and industry.

craftsman toolbox with american flag

Over the decades, Craftsman has adapted to cater to the evolving needs of its customers. From launching new products to penetrating new markets, the brand has consistently innovated and expanded. Despite these transformations, one element has remained unaltered – Craftsman’s dedication to quality, performance, and American manufacturing.

So, when you pose the question, “Are Craftsman tools made in the USA?”, the answer is an emphatic yes. With Craftsman, you’re not just securing a tool; you’re obtaining a piece of American history and a commitment to quality that has withstood the test of time.

Craftsman’s Esteemed Reputation

Craftsman has cultivated a robust reputation over the years. Renowned for their quality, durability, and performance, Craftsman tools have won the trust of DIY enthusiasts and professionals worldwide. But does this sterling reputation make Craftsman a good brand? Let’s juxtapose it with other brands in the market.

Consider DeWalt, Makita, and Milwaukee. Like Craftsman, these brands command respect in the power tools industry. However, each brand has its unique strengths. DeWalt is often lauded for its innovative designs, Makita for its high-performance tools, and Milwaukee for its durability.

Craftsman, meanwhile, is frequently commended for its extensive product range, spanning from hand tools to power tools, and even outdoor equipment. The brand’s dedication to quality and customer satisfaction is manifest in their retail partnerships with Lowe’s and Ace Hardware and their comprehensive warranty policies.

So, while Craftsman might not be the first brand that springs to mind when you think of professional-grade tools, it’s a brand that has undoubtedly earned its spot in the toolboxes of countless DIY enthusiasts and professionals.

Craftsman’s Product Range

Craftsman offers a wide range of products that cater to various needs. But does this extensive product range contribute to Craftsman being a good brand? Let’s explore their offerings.

Power Tools

Craftsman’s power tools are known for their quality and performance. Whether you’re looking for drills, impacts, saws, or hammer drills, Craftsman’s V20* Power Tools are manufactured with global materials in Fort Mill, South Carolina, ensuring top-notch quality. Some of the standout products in this category include:

  • V20* BRUSHLESS RP™ Cordless 3/8 in. Impact Wrench (Tool Only)
  • V20* 2x20V MAX* 20-in. Brushless Cordless Push Mower (2x 5.0Ah)
  • V20* 6-in. Cordless Compact Chainsaw Lopper Kit (2.0Ah)
craftsman powertools

Outdoor Equipment

When it comes to taming the outdoors, Craftsman is the go-to brand. They offer a variety of outdoor equipment suitable for all lawn sizes. Whether you need walk-behind, riding, or zero-turn mowers, Craftsman has got you covered. They also offer a versatile selection of blowers, trimmers, and more for every aspect of yard work. Some of the standout products in this category include:

  • V20* Cordless 350 MAX PSI Power Cleaner Kit (CMCPW350D1)
  • V20* BRUSHLESS RP™ String Trimmer (5.0Ah)
  • V20* Cordless Multi-Use Garden Tool Kit (1.5Ah)
craftsman outdoor equipments

Garage Tools

Craftsman also offers a range of tools perfect for garage-related needs. Whether you’re changing tires, maintaining engines, or tackling your to-do list, Craftsman’s tools are reliable and suitable for various projects. They also offer the V20* System, providing cordless power for building, repairing, restoring, and maintaining projects. Some of the standout products in this category include:

  • V20* BRUSHLESS RP™ Cordless 3/8 in. Impact Wrench (Tool Only)
  • V20* 6-in. Cordless Compact Chainsaw Lopper Kit (2.0Ah)
  • 126 in-Wide Welded Metal Storage Suite With Cabinet and Drawer Storage (7 pc)
craftsman garage tools

Storage Solutions

Craftsman’s VERSASYSTEM™ series offers a variety of storage solutions. Whether you’re into camping, gardening, working on trucks, or engaging in various projects, Craftsman’s storage solutions got you covered. They offer metal storage solutions, including cabinets, chests, and workstations. They also have the VERSASTACK™ system, a stackable storage solution, and the TRADESTACK™ system, a durable option designed for rugged projects. For maximizing workshop or garage space, they offer the VERSATRACK™ Trackwall system, a customizable solution featuring hanging hooks and storage accessories.

craftsman storage 1

Assessing the Quality of Craftsman Tools

Craftsman tools are renowned for their quality. They’re manufactured using global materials across various states in America, demonstrating the brand’s dedication to maintaining high standards in their production process. But does this quality make Craftsman a good brand? Let’s compare it to other brands in the market.

Craftsman vs. Kobalt

When it comes to quality, both Craftsman and Kobalt offer reliable and durable tools. However, Craftsman has a wider range of products, making it a more versatile choice for DIYers and professionals. This versatility and commitment to quality are key factors that contribute to Craftsman being a good brand.

Craftsman vs. Ryobi

In a comparison of Craftsman and Ryobi tools, focusing on impact drivers and drills, Ryobi’s impact driver outperformed Craftsman’s in terms of torque and speed. However, Craftsman’s drill performed better than Ryobi’s. Both brands offer a range of battery sizes, with larger batteries recommended for more strenuous tasks. Craftsman tools are considered a good value proposition, especially when on sale, but may not compete with premium brands in terms of performance1.

Craftsman vs. Milwaukee

In a comparison between a Milwaukee drill and a Craftsman drill, the Milwaukee drill is marketed as a professional tool, while the Craftsman drill is targeted towards homeowners. The Milwaukee drill is perceived as stronger and more powerful based on past experiences with the brand. However, the Craftsman drill is considered a good option for homeowners on a budget, while the Milwaukee drill offers a wider range of tools in its platform2.

Craftsman vs. DeWalt

In a comparison of Craftsman’s new brushless high torque impact wrench and DeWalt’s high torque model, the Craftsman impact wrench performed well in torque tests, outperforming the DeWalt model in both forward and reverse directions. Despite differences in internal components, the Craftsman impact wrench performed impressively, delivering high torque.

Craftsman vs Makita

In a direct comparison of Craftsman and Makita impact drivers, both showcased impressive performance. The Craftsman driver held its own, performing better than expected, while the Makita driver excelled in more challenging tasks. The Makita driver was also noted for its comfort and superior temperature control, making it a preferred choice for extended use. Both drivers were tested with a four amp-hour battery, indicating good performance under standard conditions. However, the Craftsman driver experienced a grease leak during the test, which could potentially affect long-term performance. Despite this, the Craftsman driver was commended for its performance, particularly for homeowners and DIY enthusiasts.

Overall, while the Makita driver was favored by the testers and audience, the Craftsman driver delivered a commendable performance, making the choice between the two dependent on personal preference, project requirements, and budget.

Craftsman tools hold their own when compared to other brands like Kobalt, Ryobi, Milwaukee, DeWalt and Makita. While there are differences in performance, quality, and target audience, Craftsman consistently offers reliable and durable tools. Their wide range of products and commitment to quality make them a versatile choice for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Despite the competition, Craftsman’s dedication to delivering high-quality tools that cater to a variety of needs solidifies their position as a good brand in the power tools industry.

Performance of Craftsman Tools

Craftsman tools are not just about quality; they’re also about performance. Users have praised Craftsman tools for their performance, particularly their power tools. The V20* Power Tools, for instance, are known for their rugged construction and ease of use. User reviews and experiences have generally been positive, with many praising the durability and performance of Craftsman tools. Whether it’s for a small DIY project at home or a large professional job, Craftsman tools have proven to be reliable and efficient.

Here’s a more detailed breakdown of the performance of some of the Craftsman tools:

  • V20* BRUSHLESS RP™ Cordless 3/8 in. Impact Wrench (Tool Only): This tool is known for its high performance and durability. It’s perfect for heavy-duty applications and is praised for its ease of use.
  • V20* 2x20V MAX* 20-in. Brushless Cordless Push Mower (2x 5.0Ah): This mower is appreciated for its power and efficiency. It’s perfect for maintaining lawns and is praised for its easy maneuverability.
  • V20* 6-in. Cordless Compact Chainsaw Lopper Kit (2.0Ah): This chainsaw lopper is known for its high cutting performance and compact design. It’s perfect for pruning and small cutting tasks and is praised for its safety features.

Craftsman’s Warranty and Customer Service

craftsman warranty

Craftsman tools are backed by some of the strongest warranties in the market today. If you have a product that requires repair or replacement under warranty, simply return the product to the original place of purchase for repair or replacement, depending on the warranty coverage. You can also create an account to register your product and view its warranty coverage.

Craftsman offers different warranties for different categories of products. Here’s a brief overview:

  • Hand Tools and Mechanic Tools: This includes hand tools, automotive tools non-electric, electronic measuring tools, mechanics tools, other hand tools, tape measures, torque wrenches, and work wear.
  • Storage and Garage: This includes garage door openers, metal tool storage, portable plastic storage, tool storage accessories, and VERSATRACK™.
  • Power Tools: This includes compressors, pneumatic nailers and staplers, power tools, and wet/dry vacuums.
  • Outdoor Tools and Equipment: This includes gas powered outdoor equipment, lawn and garden care, and outdoor power tools.

To reach Craftsman Customer Service, you can chat with them, submit a form on their website, or give them a call at 888-331-4569. You can also register and obtain additional warranty information for your Craftsman products by creating or logging in to your Craftsman Club account.

The Mixed Bag: What People Dislike About Craftsman

While Craftsman has a long history and a reputation for quality, it’s not without its critics. Some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with various aspects of the brand and its products. Here are some of the common criticisms:

  1. Quality Concerns: Some customers have reported that the quality of Craftsman tools under Stanley Black & Decker is perceived to be a step down compared to the past, with concerns about sharp edges and lack of lubrication. There have also been reports of tools breaking within a few weeks of use, indicating potential durability issues.
  2. Warranty and Customer Service Issues: The Craftsman warranty experience has reportedly changed, with some customers reporting undertrained customer service agents and issues with tool replacements. Some customers have also expressed dissatisfaction with the return process for products.
  3. Confusion Over Ownership and Manufacturing: There is confusion about who owns Craftsman tools, with some people mistakenly believing it was acquired by Lowe’s or other companies. The correct owner is Stanley Black & Decker. Additionally, Craftsman’s “Made in America” claim has some caveats, as the tools are assembled in the USA with global materials, leading to criticism of misleading marketing.
  4. Price Concerns: Craftsman tools are seen as overpriced by some customers, especially considering the perceived lower quality of certain models and the high cost of batteries.
  5. Product Compatibility Issues: The fragmentation of Craftsman tool systems has caused confusion and limited compatibility between different versions of Craftsman tools sold at different retailers.
  6. Negative Impact on Other Brands: Porter Cable, another tool brand, has faced challenges and limited availability due to Craftsman’s expansion in the market.
  7. Concerns Over Sears: Sears, the former home of Craftsman tools, is facing financial challenges and store closures, raising concerns about its ability to support the brand and honor warranties.

It’s important to note that these criticisms do not represent the experiences of all Craftsman customers. Many users continue to be satisfied with the brand and its products. However, potential buyers should be aware of these issues when considering a purchase.

**Source for this information include customer reviews on the Amazon website.

Is Craftsman a Good Brand? The Final Verdict

Craftsman is a brand that has stood the test of time, offering a wide range of tools that cater to various needs. With a rich history, a reputation for quality, and a wide range of products, Craftsman has proven to be a reliable brand for both DIY enthusiasts and professionals. Their commitment to quality and performance is evident in their products, and their strong warranties further attest to their confidence in their products. Whether you’re looking for power tools, outdoor equipment, garage tools, or storage solutions, Craftsman has got you covered. So, is Craftsman a good brand? The answer is a resounding yes.


Who makes Craftsman brand?

Craftsman is a brand owned by Stanley Black & Decker. However, Sears still has the rights to manufacture and sell tools using existing supply channels under the Craftsman name for 15 years after the deal closed in 2017.

Is Craftsman a professional grade?

Craftsman offers a range of tools, from those suitable for DIY enthusiasts to professional grade tools. Their V20* Power Tools, for instance, are known for their rugged construction and ease of use, making them suitable for both DIY projects and professional use.

Is Craftsman owned by Lowes?

No, Craftsman is not owned by Lowes. Craftsman is owned by Stanley Black & Decker. However, Lowes is a major retail partner of Craftsman and sells a wide range of Craftsman tools.

Is Craftsman made in USA now?

Yes, many Craftsman tools are made in the USA using global materials. Craftsman has manufacturing plants in various states such as Connecticut, Illinois, Iowa, Kentucky, Massachusetts, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Ohio, Pennsylvania, South Carolina, Tennessee, and Wisconsin.

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