Is DeWalt a Good Brand? Comprehensive Review

is dewalt a good brand

When it comes to DIY projects, having reliable, durable, and efficient tools is non-negotiable. They’re not just tools; they’re an extension of your craft, your passion, and your handyman’s spirit. And speaking of reliable tools, one brand often pops up in the conversation – DeWalt. So, the million-dollar question that we’re answering today is, “Is DeWalt a good brand?”

Why People Like DeWalt Tools

DIY enthusiasts and professionals alike enjoy using DeWalt tools for their projects, and for a good reason. DeWalt designs tools with the end-user in mind, ensuring high performance, durability, and user-friendly features.

DeWalt’s tools have been known to last longer, even under tough job conditions. This durability comes from the brand’s rigorous testing and quality control processes, giving the user confidence in their tool’s ability to withstand demanding tasks.

The brand’s innovation also stands out. Their tools come with features like Bluetooth® connectivity and three powerful LEDs for better work surface lighting, according to one video review. DeWalt also offers a variety of power tools, hand tools, and accessories, which appeal to a wide range of users, whether they’re working on a home DIY project or on a professional jobsite.

When it comes to performance, DeWalt doesn’t disappoint either. The brand’s tools consistently perform well, even when compared to other popular brands, as seen in the video reviews. For instance, the DeWalt impact driver won in a test competition against the Milwaukee’s flagship driver, a testament to the brand’s power and reliability.

Moreover, DeWalt tools are often praised for their value for money. They offer a professional-grade build and performance at a competitive price point, a balance that resonates well with many users.

History of DeWalt Tools

DeWalt’s rich history dates back to 1924 when Raymond DeWalt formed the DeWalt Products Company, specializing in woodworking machines. This long-standing heritage has allowed the brand to understand the needs of its users, leading to the creation of tools that truly meet their demands.

Over the years, DeWalt has remained committed to innovation, striving to design and optimize professional jobsite solutions. This dedication to constant development and testing of their products has helped the brand stay at the forefront of jobsite innovation.

DeWalt’s Cordless Platforms

In a world increasingly leaning towards cordless power tools, DeWalt rises to the occasion with multiple voltage platforms designed to meet diverse job requirements and application needs.

dewalt flexvolt system

The FLEXVOLT Battery System

A game-changer in the cordless tool industry, the FLEXVOLT battery system breathes life into the 20V MAX, 60V MAX, and 120V MAX* power tools. This system is a symbol of exceptional runtime and power.

The 20V MAX* System

Always on the move, the 20V MAX* platform keeps expanding, currently hosting over 250 products, each tailored to meet specific job demands. These tools offer an impressive balance of power and performance, making them indispensable for many professionals.


Aiming to combine compactness with high performance, the 12V MAX* XTREME SUB-COMPACT SERIES™ is the answer for users seeking power in a smaller package. The platform offers a wide range of sub-compact power tools suited for various applications.

The 18V Line and the 20V MAX* Battery Adapter

A classic in the DeWalt lineup, the 18V tool line brings forth optimal power for all your job needs. For added convenience, the 20V MAX* Battery Adapter allows the use of 20V MAX* batteries with most 18V tools, providing more flexibility and ensuring your tools are always ready to go.

DeWalt’s commitment to cordless technology is evident in their extensive product range, which includes power tools, hand tools, accessories, outdoor equipment, workspace solutions, and storage options. The brand focuses on cordless platforms like Perform & Protect, Tool Connect, ToughSystem® Storage, Jobsite WiFi System, and MOBILELOCK™, promising to enhance productivity and efficiency on job sites.

Support information, retailer locations, service centers, product registration, and warranty details are readily available for customer assistance. Continually involved in events, receiving awards, and being featured in articles, DeWalt demonstrates its industry presence and recognition.

In summary, DeWalt offers a comprehensive range of cordless power tools, with multiple voltage platforms designed to meet diverse jobsite demands. Its dedication to performance, durability, and customer support reinforces its reputation as a reliable choice in the industry.

DEWALT’s Perform & Protect™ Dust Control System

Promoting jobsite safety without compromising performance, DeWalt’s Perform & Protect™ Dust Control System stands as a testimony to the brand’s commitment to quality and reliability.

Compliance with OSHA Regulations

DeWalt’s Perform & Protect™ tools are designed to meet OSHA regulations, prioritizing user safety by containing dust, controlling binding, and reducing vibration. Over 220 OSHA Table 1 Compliant dust solutions are part of the Perform & Protect™ line, which includes shrouds, extractors, and extraction accessories. These solutions help to reduce airborne dust exposure, enhance user visibility, and decrease tool maintenance costs.

Integrated Control Features

Perform & Protect™ drills and grinders incorporate advanced control features like the Anti-Rotation E-CLUTCH® System and Kickback Brake. These are engineered to prevent injuries and tool damage in situations where bind-up can occur.


A key component of DeWalt’s commitment to safety, the SHOCKS ACTIVE VIBRATION CONTROL® System, minimizes vibration at the handles. This feature helps prevent fatigue, pain, and decreased sensitivity in fingers and hands due to prolonged exposure to vibration.

Tool Cleaning Guide

In an effort to uphold health and safety standards, DeWalt provides a tool cleaning guide, instructing users on how to ensure proper sanitization of tools.

Key Products

The Perform & Protect™ range features a selection of tools, including the 60V MAX* FLEXVOLT® Cordless Dust Extractor Kit, the 60V MAX* 2 in. Brushless Cordless SDS MAX Combination Rotary Hammer Kit, and the 60V MAX* In-Line Stud and Joist Drill With E-CLUTCH® System Kit.

The Commitment to Safety and Performance

By defending against hazards such as dust inhalation, loss of torque control, and excessive tool vibration, the Perform & Protect™ system upholds the performance professionals demand while providing safer working conditions.

In essence, DeWalt’s Perform & Protect™ Dust Control System encapsulates the brand’s dedication to jobsite safety. Offering OSHA-compliant dust solutions, control features, and vibration reduction technology, DeWalt ensures that professionals can work in a safer and more comfortable environment without compromising tool performance. The Perform & Protect™ system reinforces DeWalt’s promise to deliver high-quality, reliable tools with advanced safety features.

DEWALT’s Tool Connect™ Inventory Management Solution

dewalt tool connect

DEWALT’s Tool Connect™ is an innovative inventory management solution designed to boost productivity, save time, and reduce costs, offering professionals the power to streamline their operations.

Three-Part Solution for Inventory Management

The Tool Connect™ system comprises three components utilizing Bluetooth technology for connecting and controlling tools. With the aid of the Tool Connect app or online platform, users can protect, monitor, assign, and track their tools across various jobsites.

Construction Inventory Management

A scalable app known as the Site Manager Web App delivers real-time updates, allows for assignment creation, and generates automated reports for efficient construction inventory management.

Bluetooth-Enabled Products and Attachable Chips and Tags

The system offers a variety of Bluetooth-enabled products and attachable Chips and Tags. These devices allow users to track and manage numerous items on the jobsite, including large equipment, storage units, power tools, and materials.

Specific Tools and Batteries with Instant Connectivity

Specific tools and batteries, such as the 20V MAX* All-Purpose Cordless Work Light, the 20V MAX* Tool Connect™ 5Ah Battery (2 Pk), and the Tool Connect™ 100 ft Laser Distance Measurer, offer instant connectivity and tracking capabilities through the Tool Connect™ system.

Partnerships with Industry Experts

DEWALT has partnered with industry experts, including MultiTech, ToolWatch, BoxLock, Tigeraire, and ToolHound 6, to integrate their software and hardware with the Tool Connect™ system. These partnerships maximize the system’s functionality in complex jobsite environments.

Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager

The Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager is a web portal that allows users to track and manage their inventory. This tool is updated through the cloud via the Tool Connect™ mobile app.

Customization Options and Control Settings

The app offers a wide array of customization options and control settings for connected products. Web-based access, large-scale inventory management capabilities, company-wide inventory audits, and automated inventory reports and notifications are also featured in the app.

Tool Connect™ FAQ Section

DEWALT provides a Tool Connect™ FAQ section to answer common queries regarding the Tool Connect™ Inventory Manager, device pairing, internet connection requirements, compatibility with non-DEWALT® products, transferring existing inventory lists, existing tool compatibility, Bluetooth range limitations, GPS tracking, and service fees.

In summary, DEWALT’s Tool Connect™ serves as a comprehensive inventory management solution that optimizes jobsite productivity. By using Bluetooth connectivity, users can track, control, and manage their tools and equipment across multiple sites effectively. With real-time updates, assignment creation, automated reports, and a broad range of product compatibility, Tool Connect™ is a valuable resource for professionals aiming to enhance their operations, save time, and reduce costs.

DeWalt Warranty Info

DeWalt takes its commitment to its customers a step further by offering comprehensive warranty packages. Most of their tools come with a three-year limited warranty, a one-year free service contract, and a 90-day money-back guarantee. Some selected products even enjoy a 7-year limited warranty. If any DeWalt Mechanics Tool fails, DeWalt will replace it without requiring proof of purchase.

By offering a strong warranty policy, DeWalt showcases its confidence in the quality and durability of its products. It provides users with peace of mind, knowing they are covered should anything go wrong. For a full overview of DeWalt’s warranty, check out the official DeWalt site.

DeWalt Brands Pros & Cons

Like all brands, DeWalt comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks, which may factor into your decision on whether to opt for their tools.

The Pros:

  1. Unmatched quality and durability: DeWalt tools are designed to withstand the test of time and heavy use.
  2. Extensive product line: They offer a broad array of tools and accessories, catering to a wide variety of users and needs.
  3. Impressive performance: DeWalt tools consistently perform well, even in comparison to other popular brands.
  4. Exceptional warranty policy: With one of the best warranty policies in the industry, DeWalt stands firmly behind their products.

The Cons:

  1. Higher initial cost: While they provide excellent value over the long term, DeWalt tools can be more expensive upfront than other brands.
  2. Battery compatibility issues: Some users have reported compatibility issues between different generations of DeWalt batteries and tools.
  3. Occasional design flaws: As with any manufacturer, there are occasional design flaws or defects, but DeWalt is usually quick to correct these through their warranty policy.

DeWalt vs Milwaukee

This battle of the brands is one for the ages. Both DeWalt and Milwaukee have their share of pros and cons. While DeWalt scores high on battery life and illumination (thanks to its three lights on the impact driver), Milwaukee shines in performance, driving screws and lag bolts consistently faster and deeper. Also, Milwaukee offers better value in terms of the battery capacity that comes with the kit, even if it is a bit more expensive. In the DIY community, the name ‘DeWalt’ often comes up in conversations about power tools. This often leads to the question, “is DeWalt a good brand?” And the short answer is, absolutely!

DeWalt is a renowned brand known for producing high-quality, durable, and efficient tools that cater to the needs of various users. The brand’s reputation for excellence stems from its history, innovation, and commitment to customer satisfaction. But let’s dig a bit deeper to fully understand why DeWalt is considered a strong contender in the power tools market.

Final Thoughts

In conclusion, DEWALT continues to establish itself as a leading choice for professionals in the industry by focusing on providing comprehensive solutions for jobsite needs. The range of cordless power tools, the safety-centric Perform & Protect™ Dust Control System, and the innovative Tool Connect™ inventory management solution all demonstrate DEWALT’s commitment to productivity, safety, and efficiency. While DEWALT offers robust solutions, it’s always beneficial to understand the wider landscape of power tools and equipment. Feel free to explore our guides on the pros and cons of Kobalt, Milwaukee, and Ryobi. Our guide on using a socket wrench or choosing the best cordless ratchet can help expand your toolkit knowledge. For those looking to maintain their tools better, our articles on PB Blaster vs. WD-40 or how to remove a stripped Allen screw might be of interest. Our aim is to provide essential, unique, and fresh content that is clearly organized and easy to read, helping you find solutions to your questions and enriching your understanding of the vast tool landscape.

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